Distracted Driving Cases

What is Distracted Driving?

According to stopdistractions.org, distracted driving is any activity that could divert a persons attention away from the primary task of driving. In today's mobile technology driven world - thousands of preventable crashes occur each year through use of a cell phone while driving. This includes using texting, messaging, or video conferencing smart phone applications.  

Distracted Driving Laws

As of 2021, 44 states enacted laws aimed at preventing distracted driving.  A brief description of your states' laws can be found here.  Despite laws designed to prevent distracted driving, U.S. highways have realized a steady year over year increase in the number of crashes caused by distracted drivers since 2007. For example, in 2019 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documented 3,142 deaths resulting from distracted driving. 

​Love Law Firm has extensive experience handling distracted driving cases

​Love Law Firm sued Apple Inc., in Texas and California seeking to hold it accountable for distracted driving deaths. (Meador v. Apple & Modisette v. Apple).  Love Law Firm also handled a distracted driving case in Indiana involving a multiple fatality school bus crash. Love Law Firm is experienced with the issues and experts needed to pursue distracted driving cases against drivers and device manufacturers.   

How We Can Help

The medical expenses related to a catastrophic distracted driving crash far exceed a family's income for an entire year.  The life altering affects of catastrophic injuries result in life care expenses in the millions of dollars.  Mr. Love has successfully represented motor vehicle crash victims in both state and federal trial courts. Let us help you.  Contact us today.