Fee Structures

Local Counsel Fees

Love Law Firm represents defendants in Eastern District of Texas patent cases on an hourly basis.  Some firms charge a flat fee without providing a detailed summary of their activities.  At Love Law Firm, you know exactly how you are spending your money.  On plaintiff patent cases, Love Law Firm acts as local counsel on a contingency basis only.


Local Counsel Patent Litigation - Eastern District of Texas

Gregory Love has acted as both lead and local counsel in patent cases in the Eastern District of Texas in both plaintiff and defense cases.  Mr. Love has acted as lead counsel in patent cases in other district courts in New York, California, Washington, Michigan, and Florida.  In addition to district court litigation, Mr. Love has acted as lead counsel in hearings before the International Trade Commission.  

Mr. Love has represented inventors, non-practicing entities, patent practicing plaintiffs, as well as defendants accused of infringement.  With this breadth of experience, and knowledge of local rules, practices, local Courts and jury pools, Mr. Love is well suited to act as local counsel in patent cases in the Eastern District of Texas.