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Center for Outcome Management in Brain Injury (COMBI)

If you suspect you suffer from an undiagnosed brain injury, seek advice from a medical professional immediately.

Catastrophic and Traumatic  Injury Litigation

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a complex injury to the brain, that can arise from a multitude of different causes.  High impact collisions, falls, sports activities, and medical procedures can be the mechanism of brain injury.   The impact on a person or his/her family can be life altering and even devastating.   Persons can suffer from mild traumatic brain injury, as well as severe traumatic brain injury.

The Effect of Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury like most other injuries is usually caused by some acute or traumatic event.  Unlike broken bones or soft tissue injuries, the brain and its function can be damaged beyond repair.  

Brain function defines who we are.  When brain function is impaired, it can alter everything about an individual:  personality, memory, and even bodily functions.  Having realized the importance of healthy brain function, the National Institutes of Health has undertaken an enormous initiative to study the brain and brain health. 

​Recovery from Brain Injury

​Brain injuries do not heal like other injuries.  Recovery is a functional recovery based on how well a person functions following a limited number of particularized methods of treatment.  Texas residents have access to excellent brain injury treatment facilities:  Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation;  Memorial Hermann;  Health South Rehabilitation Center 

How We Can Help

The medical expenses related to brain injury treatment can far exceed a family's income for an entire year.  The life altering affects of some brain injuries result in life care expenses in the millions of dollars.  Mr. Love has successfully represented brain injury victims in both state and federal trial courts, as well as arbitration.  Let us help you.  Contact us today.